​James is our MC for Open Mic if you haven't heard his voice and cheesy jokes you haven't been to our open mic. He was also one of the first volunteers to help at the Fig Tree.

Why did you want to work at The Fig Tree?
​      I've been working at The Fig Tree since opening day! My favorite memories here at the Fig Tree would be this one time I was helping out a customer when we first opened up. Its was mostly open space then. While I was helping this customer, her child went ahead and grabbed the half &half and started waving it all over the place. That was our very first big spill at The Fig Tree. 

Favorite drink to drink or make?
     My favorite drink to be asked to make is not one but two cups of coffee, double fisting. In one hand a traditional cappuccino and in the other hand is a small iced americano. Both being 8oz, you can experience the best of all aspects of coffee making.
Why did you want to work at The Fig Tree?
 While in highschool I loved spending time at coffee places.... even Starbucks; not proud but you do what you gotta do in highschool. As soon as one of my friends said that The Fig Tree was opening I came right in and asked how can I help and to be part of this and help develope our home.

Fun fact?
For those people that like random facts I majored in computer-  IT  security and networking and on my free time I love doing audio tech and posting youtube channel to entertain. My ultimate goal is to create a coffee shop where I can combine my love for coffee and technology.